The Inside Scoop: Lolli & Pops Gummy Bears

The Inside Scoop: Lolli & Pops Gummy Bears

Feb 05, 2023

A Chewy Look into the Iconic Gummy Bear


Gummy bears were first introduced to the candy world in 1922, more than a century ago. Since then, these popular chewy treats have become a worldwide sensation enjoyed by people of all ages. From classic flavors (like grape and cherry) to creative ones (spicy Chamoy or dark chocolate) to boozy delights (sparkling rosé and mojito), gummy bears are one of the most iconic candies ever made.


Yummy, Gummy, and Cute

If you look closely at a Lolli & Pops gummy bear, you’ll find a plump, squishy bear with our signature trademark belly, our guaranteed sign of meticulous attention to quality ingredients, and the tastiest flavor recipes.

Did you know that gummy bears are candy cousins with marshmallows and jello? All three candies are made from gelatin, but they take on VERY different properties depending on the heat and water ratios used to prepare them. In marshmallows, the gelatin becomes a delicious foam that suspends tiny air pockets, giving the treat a fluffy texture. Meanwhile, gummy bears use more gelatin; a marshmallow usually has around 2% content, whereas a gummy bear has between 6%-8%.

This gelatin content is the secret to that perfect chewy gummy bear. As gelatin is heated, its molecular structure begins to unravel, causing its chemical bonds to loosen. Even when it’s cooled, these bonds remain separated, softening the gelatin and giving gummy bears their special, chewy profile.

We get excited about the science that makes these gummy bears so bouncy. Lolli & Pops uses the softest known candy-making mix for our gummy bear formula. This means every gummy bear we make is deliciously chewy and bursting with flavor.

Beyond making gummy bears just as cuddly as they are snackable, we take industry-leading initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint. Lolli & Pops Gummy Bears are created using solar-derived electricity within a naturally-insulated factory. Minimizing the amount of energy required for heating and cooling our gummy bears during production helps increase our eco-friendliness while providing a consistent, mouth-watering gummy bear flavor. Going green now tastes sweeter than ever!


Find Your Favorite Gummy Bears

As you walk into a Lolli & Pops store, it’s easy to get excited about all of the unique flavors of gummy bears available. With so many flavors in so many colorful choices, we’re sure you’ll find many ways to delight every gummy lover’s heart


12-Flavor Gummy Bears

The classics are classics for a reason! One of our best-selling gummies is the Lolli & Pops iconic 12-flavor gummy bears, a delicious medley of fruit flavors from cherry and strawberry to blue raspberry and grape. These bears are a sweet way to grab all your favorites in one handful. And cutest of all, you can score their adorable gummy cubs in a mini-version too!


Cocktail-Inspired Gummy Bears


Mojitos, Champagne, and Rosé; oh my! These boozy little bears don’t need any alcohol to liven up the party. Instant mocktail gummies include our specialty gin & tonic, piña colada, and mojito gummy bears! They’re perfect for decorating cocktails, sharing at celebrations, or enjoying on their own. And since they’re alcohol-free, they’re also a great way to enjoy cocktail flavors during dry months. 




Specialty Gummy Bears


What do chocolate, cinnamon, and Chamoy have in common? Each flavor is part of our all-star gummy bear specialty collection! Spicy, sour, chocolate, and sweet, taste-test your tastebuds with new and exciting combos of gummy goodness. Cure the chocoholic cravings, turn on the hot, or challenge yourself with super sour gummies.



Gummy Bear Refillable Containers

The BEST kind of gummy bear is A LOT of gummy bears! Our signature and refillable gummy jars are a fun way to stay stocked with all of your favorite gummy bear flavors. Mix and match, and create colorful combos of different flavored bears or go big with a giant 5lb. paint pail! On top of that, bring back your gummy bear jar or pail to receive 20% off your next refill at any Lolli & Pops location.

Now you have the Inside Scoop, tell us your favorite kind of gummy bear!


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Comments (35)

  • I am in love with the sparkling rosè flavor! I buy bags of them, and save up reward points so that I can get more scoops of them!

    Sam Fowler
  • Champagne gummies are awesome!

    Gabriela Aguilar
  • I love the Boozy Bears! They are my favorite, especially the Sour Pina Colada!

  • The sour grapefruit are perfect balance of sour and sweet! Deliciously addicting!
    What an adorable looking bear.

  • I’m obsessed with the boozy gummy bears – I think Mojito is my favorite, but they’re all so good!

    Heather K
  • The Orange Orange are the best, just like eating a real orange.

    Jeffrey Brisentine
  • Cherry gummy bears are my favorite!

  • I got to go with the OG’S! Always my go to is the classics! Especially cherry. Can’t go wrong with the classics.

    Danielle Buffington
  • My favorites are the Haribro Gold Bears! My Grandfather used to get these for me as a child.

  • I prefer vegan gummy bears but love other Lolli & Pops candies!


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