2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Classmates, Soulmates, & Gal Pals

2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Classmates, Soulmates, & Gal Pals

Jan 26, 2023

Make Every Valentine a Sweet One With Thoughtful Gifts

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching! Don’t worry if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that special person: candy is a sweet, sincere way to show someone how much they mean to you. There are so many ways to say “I love you” with candy.


For That Special Someone

Berries & Bubbly Truffle Set

Chocolate is a universal love language. The Lolli & Pops 16-piece Berries & Bubbly Truffle Set elevates love and chocolate to an art form, offering an incredible assortment of decadent, romantic flavors. What better way to celebrate a relationship than ganache-filled bites of indulgent milk chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate champagne?


Love Letter Crispy Cakes


For a cute gift, these Love Letter Crispy Pops are a charming way to show someone that you’re thinking of them. Each one is a handcrafted marshmallow crispy cake, sculpted and dipped in white chocolate to look like an adorable love letter. Great additions for floral arrangements, treat baskets, and thoughtful little surprises, everyone knows that the best kind of love letter is one that you can snack on together.



Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A gift for gourmet lovers, our specialty Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a tasty way to make your Valentine’s Day magical. Juicy strawberries meet boutique European chocolate; a classic fairytale of love and romance.



For Classmates & Acquaintances

Sea Salt Chocolate Tiles

Keep it within the budget with a tasty way to show your classmates you care, especially if they’ve got a sweet tooth. Lolli & Pops released a new collection of Sea Salt Chocolate Tiles, in both milk & dark chocolate. One 24-piece container of chocolate is the perfect amount to ask an entire class to Be My Valentine!


Sweethearts (and Conversation Jelly Beans)


Classics are classics for a reason. Give your friends the gift of nostalgia with the ever-popular Sweethearts conversation candies. And for a modern spin, Jelly Belly has themed Conversation Jelly Beans that let you chat with your friends in cute jellybean messages.


For Close Friends & Family


Red Velvet Caramel Corn

Sharing is caring and it’s easy to spread joy with bits of optimism when there’s a bowl full of popcorn nearby. Gift fun flavors of caramel corn like Red Velvet, Champagne, and French Toast. Enjoy a delicious moment together with smiles and laughter.





4-Piece Hot Cocoa Bomb Set

A set of cozy hot cocoa bombs is a fun, easy gift for friends and family members of all ages. Since each Hot Cocoa Bomb set comes with multiple bombs, it's perfect for sharing too! Simply drop into a glass of hot milk or water, stir, and enjoy an indulgent mug of hot chocolate. Remember to check out ​​”4 Easy Steps for a Cozy Hot Cocoa Party” for more ideas.


Sweetheart Marshmallow Pops


Hugs and Kisses, now in marshmallow form! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little campfire nostalgia. These gourmet Sweetheart Marshmallow pops are dipped in rich milk chocolate; perfect for snacking, sharing as a family, or combining with some hot cocoa bombs for that ultimate cozy cup.




For Gal Pals

Pamper Party Charcuterie Set

Throw a memorable Galentine’s party with a Lolli & Pops candy charcuterie kit. Each set serves up to 20 people and comes with 8 bags of themed candy, gold serving tongs, and a quick how-to guide to help make a picture-perfect candy board. Grab your Gal Pals and get ready to enjoy the Pamper Party Candy Charcuterie Kit which includes Instagram-worthy candies like Rosé Champagne-flavored Gummy Bears and Pink Marshmallow Hearts.


Rosé, Rosé, Rosé!!

Rosé all Valentine’s Day! Treat your friends to cocktail-inspired favorites like Champagne Rosé Gummy Bears, and Dark Chocolate Rosé Cordials from Koppers. Cheers your chocoholic besties with a Sparkling Rosé Topp’d Bar. Serve it up as a quick party dessert bite or crush up to add as a garnish to a perfect pour of rosé.

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