4 Easy Steps for a Cozy Hot Cocoa Party

4 Easy Steps for a Cozy Hot Cocoa Party

Jan 11, 2023

Create the Perfect Hot Cocoa Bar! 

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or just enjoying a cozy weekend inside, creating a hot chocolate bar is a fun way to add some winter cheer to friendly gatherings, family afternoons, birthday parties, and more. After all, every get-together is better with the addition of delicious hot chocolate — and it’s a lot easier than you might think!

We put together a quick how-to guide for the perfect Hot Cocoa Bar so you’ll be a certified hot chocolate party pro in no time!



We partnered with @Lavbakes, a candy and baking influencer, to create a dreamy hot cocoa bar made of Vanilla Snowflake Marshmallows, Peppermint Toppers, and of course, steamy hot chocolate. 

Video credit: @LavBakes


STEP 1: Set Up the Cocoa

You'll want mugs and cocoa to be the first thing guests grab when they step up to the bar. Place mugs on each side of the table and create spaces to style bowls, jars of cocoa mix, and hot cocoa bombs to get the party started.

And since it’s all about cocoa, there are a few ways to get creative with your hot chocolate. Add multiple jars of the hot chocolate mix to the bar so guests can stir in as little or as much chocolate-y flavor as they want. Hot Cocoa mix is available in a variety of appealing flavors like Peppermint Twist and Marshmallow Swirl, so give the party a kick of cozy flavor options.

Another hot cocoa party trick is to serve up hot cocoa bombs that melt and explode with marshmallows. These ready-made hot chocolate bombs are filled with fluffy marshmallows and hints of specialty flavors. Choose from flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Cake & Cookies, or Classic Milk Chocolate.


STEP 2: Keep It Hot

Now that you’ve got the cocoa station ready, it’s time to put the hot in hot cocoa. Some guests prefer warm milk, others prefer hot water. Fill a crock pot with either milk or water and set the temperature to low. Place the crockpot on the table and keep a ladle to the side for guests to easily pour the milk or water into their mugs.

If you don’t have a crock pot, you can keep a simmering pot or kettle on the stove!


Step 3: Decoration Station

Get ready to decorate!! Add a charcuterie board with tasty toppings and decorative treats to personalize each special cup of cozy. Pile on the pretzel sticks and candy canes to use as festive stirrers, stack mounds of marshmallows ready for dunking, and crumble up bits of toffee and chocolate for even more deliciousness. And always remember to add a can or bowl of the classic favorite whipped cream!! Use your imagination, there are so many ways to make your hot cocoa bar fun for any occasion.



Add More Tasty Decorations:



For fun occasions, select marshmallows in party shapes for themed events. Try Snowflake Marshmallows for cozy winter parties and Heart Marshmallows for extra love. Flavored marshmallows are always a winner too, like our Salted Caramel Marshmallows and Toasted Coconut Marshmallows.

Candy Canes are a classic stir stick, and Peppermint Toppers are an easy, chocolatey way to turn your mug of cocoa into instant holiday nostalgia.

Grab a bag of chocolate tiles for guests to dunk, scoop, or melt for even more chocolate flavor. And try a really unique experience adding specialty Japanese Kit Kats, whether served whole or crumbled on top.


STEP 4: Get Cozy

And the best part is how easy it can be to customize and personalize your hot cocoa bar for any occasion, whether serving three or thirty people. Put on the finishing touches with ground cinnamon, sprinkles, or even dried chilies for a taste of Mexico-inspired spice! With a little prep, your guests will be cozied up to the perfect cup of hot cocoa!

Let us know your favorite Hot Cocoa party ideas to top off your hot cocoa bar below!

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