We are always looking for talented people to join Lolli and Pops team who love candy as much as we do.


Store Managers

Store Managers are passionate go-getters responsible for managing our stores and are at the heart of our team at Lolli & Pops.

Service Leaders // Part-Time Assistant Managers

Part-time Assistant Managers and Service Leaders are critical to the success of our stores and delivering exceptional service to our guests.

Sales Associates

The mission of our Sales Associates is to delight every guest who walks through our doors by sharing their passion for our product.

Area of Responsibility Program

At Lolli and Pops, we have an Area of Responsibility (AOR) program so that our Service Leads are able to become experts in particular areas of store operations. This program promotes personal and professional growth through goal setting, leadership skills, and increased responsibility in a focused area. There are three different paths that service leads are able to apply to based on their interests.


Operations Service Leads are in charge of the store's Meticulous Quality. This means organizing back of house, ensuring inventory control and conducting accurate operational processes.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Service Leads are in charge of maintaining Eye-Popping Choice in their store. This means maintaining visual and merchandising standards and ensuring store cleanliness at the front of house. 

Guest Experience

Guest Experience Service Leads are in charge of Generous Gestures and Good Surprises. This means focusing on guest engagement, suggestive selling, sampling, sharing product knowledge and loyalty.


Spread Joy with Bits of Optimism

We have a never ending drive to continuously improve ourselves. We are humble yet curious. We seek to find the root cause of challenges and provide out of the box solutions for today and the future. We work to ensure our processes and methods are as efficient and effective as possible. We love to learn and we provide continuous coaching and growth opportunities within our teams.

We are dedicated to our guests! Our customers are at the heart of all that we do. Every team member in the organization thinks with the guest in mind. Every project and initiative needs to put the guest experience above all else. We find every way possible to say YES! to each request with generous gestures and all good surprises. We delight our guests with our expert knowledge in Candyology, We create positive memoires for a lifetime.

We value and honor what's real and authentic. We create a culture that is a safe space to bring our imperfections and flaws forward so that we can fix problems. We take responsibility for our mistakes, which we focus to fix together as a team. We build each other up during tough times. We diffuse negativity by offering encouragement and support to each other. We give and receive feedback from the heart in a professional manner, and our vulnerability makes us courageous and unstoppable.

We are a joyful mix of ages, races, genders, beliefs and more, and we rejoice in every person's individuality and uniqueness, especially as we come together as a team. We gift joy across teams by treating each other with respect and working in high integrity within all interactions of our team. We believe we are better together, and when we are together, we can do amazing things.

We believe that change is a part of the success of our company. We know that we must be flexible and open to change in order to be the best we can be. We move beyond the status quo and push the right thing. We take calculated risks and have a persistence that moves to work through the gray. We work well within ambiguity and quickly pivot and adjust to always do the company forward.