Candy Charcuterie: Tips & Tricks for That Perfect Party

Candy Charcuterie: Tips & Tricks for That Perfect Party

Jan 09, 2023


  Large candy helps divide the board, making the smaller candies more visible and vibrant. Bigger sweets like pretzels and marshmallows stack neatly along the edges or the center of the board, creating a more balanced yet dynamic board.

  Adding party props and seasonal accessories on and around the candy charcuterie board is a stylish way to elevate your charcuterie presentation. Keep it simple! Using just a handful of charming and thoughtfully placed decorations will work wonders.

  Using the same candy in multiple places makes the board appear bigger and brighter! Select bright, easy-to-serve candies like gummy bears and colorful marshmallows.

  By separating similar colors and textures, you can really make your candy POP. A quick tip is to place the candy opposite the sweets with the closest color or texture.

  Add layers of dimension by placing and stacking bowls for small candies and chocolates. Plus, this will help keep these candies from spreading all over the board. ! Lolli & Pops Charcuterie Kits also come with decorative gold tongs to help serve from the bowls or the board.

  Everyone loves taking home party treats. If you have extra candy left on your charcuterie board, it’s super easy to pack into a goody bag. Let your guests choose their favorites to take home!


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  • We are having a Hawaiian/Island themed wedding reception on Sat. Feb. 18th in St. Paul.
    We’re wanting a very diverse dessert table.
    We have cupcakes, donuts & cookies.
    Our coordinators have told us we should also have chocolate & more specifically, white chocolate since it’s my favorite.
    I especially really love key lime!
    Is this something you offer in the cake pops or in chocolate alone?
    I’m also wondering what the minimum order is?
    Additionally, I’m wondering if you can deliver to St. Paul?
    I’m so excited to have found you!
    Thank you so much for considering!


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