5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Feb 10, 2023

Special Sweetheart Moments to Share with Your Favorite Loves

It’s the most romantic time of the year! Valentine’s Day is here and it’s a chance to share a little extra love with those special hearts we cherish. We have a sweet spot for all of the cute and unique ways couples spend time together, especially when candy is involved!

Here are 5 sweet candy dates to help plan some time with the hubby, kids, girlfriends, pals, and new, budding loves:


Make a Plan for Dinner

It’s a classic date night that always sets the mood. Whether making a reservation at a romantic local restaurant or putting on your chef’s hat to stir up their favorite dish, food is a memorable way to the heart and a special way to reconnect and create even more loving moments. Remember the first bite you shared together, their favorite wine or special dessert? With just a touch of thoughtfulness, you can make any heart melt. Top off the night with a classic dozen roses and a chocolate surprise of Belgian, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries or a 16-pc Berries & Bubbly Truffle Gift Box. You’ll definitely get their attention with these romantic moves.


Romantic Movie Night


Everyone loves a good old-fashioned movie night. Pick out a favorite classic movie and snuggle up with your sweetheart. A little Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, or Dirty Dancing while snacking on a spread of treats, munchies, and tasty drinks. For an easier prep night, grab one of our new Charcuterie Candy Kits or our Movie Night Gift Box for a fun and special screening with the family and gal pals, or for a cozy night with your S.O.


Paint Your Love

Add an extra spark to the night with something to create together. Try our Paint & Create Cookie Gift Set to channel your inner Picasso during your next date night. Each Paint-Your-Own Cookie comes with 3 edible cookies with 2 flavor palette candy dips! Expressing your love has never been so delicious.


Grab Your Passport

If you and your partner like to travel the globe, add some worldly adventure to the night. Want to surprise your partner with a gift of international delights? Tease them with a handful of European and Swiss Chocolates, or specialty Japanese Kit Kats. Looking for an exotic locale or a far-away destination? Drop some surprise hints with bold, authentic, and spicy candies from Mexico, or let them try new flavors from the Land Down Under with Australian Tim Tam bars.


Turn It Hot & Spicy

Need an especially hot & spicy date night ? Take the fiery challenge for date night, as seen on TikTok, and share a spicy fun moment together. Find out if your partner can handle The Bean Boozled Fire Five Challenge, on a taste test rating from Cayenne Pepper to Carolina Reapers. And if your S.O. loves the heat, give the gift of our Double Dare Challenge Gift Box to win over their flaming hearts.


The next time that you’re thinking of romantic ways to spend time with your favorite person, why not take a walk on the sweet side?

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