Sweet Treats for the Sweetest Dad: Your Father's Day Stories

Sweet Treats for the Sweetest Dad: Your Father's Day Stories

Jun 15, 2023

Celebrating the Special Moments with Dad

From barbeques to bike rides, fatherhood is a source of countless magical moments. With Father’s Day approaching, we asked the Lolli & Pops community to share fond memories of their fathers. The results touched our hearts.

Here’s to dads everywhere, the mentors, caretakers, and best buds.




"Best day ever until he walked me down the aisle at my wedding!"










"Looking forward to when we can go together again!"







"My Dad is everything. Never complains, always finds the bright side of everything.”











"He treated me like a princess when we were together.”







"Much love to ALL the dads!”









Still Searching for That Perfect Gift?

If your dad has a sweet spot for nostalgic candies, Father's Day is the perfect occasion to take him on a trip down memory lane. Surprise him with a thoughtful selection of retro sweets that will transport him back to his childhood! From classic favorites like candy cigarettes, pop rocks, and Necco Wafers. For family-sized fun, you can put together a full at-home movie night full of classic theater favorites. You can also always remind him how much of a BIG HUNK he is with the right candy bar!

Dads who appreciate a cold beer will be delighted to find their favorite drinks turned into chocoholic treats. Instead of a traditional pint glass, raise a chocolatey toast to your dad’s taste with a Father’s Day gift that combines the best of both worlds. Imagine his delight as he savors rich chocolatey goodness infused with Guinness, Jack Daniels, or Champagne!

Is your dad always reaching for the hot sauce? This Father’s Day, spice things up with a unique twist: candy that will make his taste buds sizzle. From scorching cinnamon gummy bears to authentic tamarind chili flavors, a gift of spicy candy is sure to leave a strong impression. For bonus points, try the new Beanboozled Firey Five challenge as a family to REALLY bring the heat!


Special thanks to everyone who submitted a story. To see more of these heartwarming submissions, read the original posts here. If this has you thinking about your own moments with dad, please let us know in the comments below.



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