Inside Scoop: The Ultimate Chocolate Bar Showdown

Inside Scoop: The Ultimate Chocolate Bar Showdown

Jun 28, 2023

Which L&P Chocolate Bar Reigns Supreme?

It’s a clash of sweets! If you’ve ever had a Lolli & Pops signature chocolate bar before, you’ll know that each one is a finely crafted masterpiece of love, care, and the finest gourmet fillings. But did you know that there are more than THIRTY to choose from?


Signature Bars

Embark on a journey of elegance and taste with Lolli & Pops’ signature bars. A delicate balance of authentic, premium cocoa and special confectionary infusions make for an ICONIC bar of chocolate. Iconic treats and nostalgic classics take one delicious new dimension in these all-star bars. From Birthday Cake to Strawberry Champagne, Signature bars are a celebration of the sweet side of life.

Square Bars

From the moment you unwrap a square bar, it’s love at first bite -- and there’s always more than meets the eye. Each blend of chocolate beautifully enrobes a swirl of special signature flavors, such as freshly baked cheesecake or the bold jolt of Caramel Cappuccino. When you want your chocolate bars to feature a delicious hidden treasure, you know which ones to reach for.



Topp’d Bars

These treats aren’t your ordinary chocolate bars. Like all good skyscrapers, they build up. True to the name, Topp’d Bars feature exceptional toppings; like Bourbon Toffee or Sparkling Rosé Beads. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to harmonize with the smooth chocolate base, creating a beautiful union of textures and flavors that will capture your heart (and taste buds).



We made collectible cards of some all-time classics. Which one is your favorite?


Do you prefer the smokey crunch of Bourbon Toffee? Maybe the fruity sparkle of rosé? Let us know in the comments section below!

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