We're GaGa for Gummies!

We're GaGa for Gummies!

Mar 15, 2023

Win an 8 Piece Prize Pack of Lolli & Pops' New Gummy Jars!

We’ve got Gummy-Vision! Lolli & Pops is celebrating 8 new flavors and party shapes of gummy jars by giving our guests GUMMY-VISION. Can YOU find the golden gummy bear in the picture below? 


Find the Golden Bear, & Then Click HERE for a Chance to Win a Full Set of Our New Gummy Jars!


From the sweet and fruity to the mythical and magical, there’s a new party in every jar of gummy goodness.


Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling Diamonds are EVERYONE’s best friend. Bring the bling with sparkling blueberry flavor in every blue-carat bite of these edible gemstones. These dazzling gummies are bright, beautiful, and always ready to shine as sweets for celebrations and congratulations.


Cupcake Party

There’s no party like a Cupcake Party, especially when the cupcakes are this adorable! Turn any day into a celebration by opening a tube of these adorably-sized snacks. Enjoy rich apple, strawberry, blueberry, and orange flavors with every bite.


Fruit Basket

Have your pick of the Fruit Basket by opening a jar of juicy fruit gummies. It’s a full bouquet of your favorite fruit flavors, including strawberry, apple, grape, and pineapple! Plus, they’re in-season all year long. These fruit-shaped gummies are fun for decorating cakes and cocktails alike.


Magical Unicorn

Open up our new Magical Unicorn Gummy Tube will have you seeing in sparkles and rainbows. These beautiful legends are just as tasty as they are mythical! Each one is full of delectable wild berry flavors. Magically perfect for themed birthday parties, gifts, and celebrating the inner child in all of us.


Cocktail Hour

It’s 5:00 somewhere, especially with a tube of brand-new Cocktail Hour Gummies. Kick your feet back, relax, and grab a gummy cocktail. These nonalcoholic gummies are bursting with delicious fruity and boozy flavors. Great for snacking, sharing, and garnishing tropical drinks.


Mermaid Tails

Under the Sea! Make a splash with a jar of Mermaid Tail Gummies! Straight from the pages of a storybook, these delightful tails are swimming with enticing Tutti-frutti flavors. Perfect for pool parties, birthdays, and themed events.


Dancing Dinosaurs

Take a trip back in time with a jar of Dancing Dinosaurs Gummies! Who knew that the Jurassic period could be this adorable—or tasty? These delightful dancing dinos feature cherry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry flavors. With goofy smiles and juicy flavors, they will surely be the guest of honor at any dinosaur-themed birthday party.


Blooming Roses

Roses are red, and they’re also bursting with a sweet strawberry flavor! Our new Blooming Roses Gummy Tube is a romantic way to enjoy delicious treats. Sweeten up your next date night or party with a tube of bouncy, rosy romance. After all, roses are a timelessly romantic gift, especially when they taste this sweet.

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  • These candies, especially the sour fruity ball candy ( hope I got the name correct 😄) are addictively outstanding. I’m going back this week for more.

    Steve Kelly
  • Delicious candy

    Luis Castro Jr
  • Good candies

    Kaylie McMillan

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