Pucker Up! A Look Behind the 90s Sour Candy Craze

Pucker Up! A Look Behind the 90s Sour Candy Craze

Sep 06, 2023

From Warheads to Shockers, These Delights Defined the 90s

Remember the days when candy wasn't just sweet, but also a tangy, face-scrunching adventure? If you grew up in the 90s, you'll undoubtedly recall the explosion of sour candies that had kids puckering up and daring each other to try the sourest flavors on the block. Let's take a delightful trip down memory lane and unravel the secrets behind the 90s Sour Candy Craze!


The Story

So, why did sour candies take the 90s by storm? It's simple – they offered a flavor experience like no other! In fact, this was a time of high adventure for the candy world, creating a unique series of factors that shaped the sour sweets of today.

Pictured: Pure Sour nostalgia

The 90s were all about pushing boundaries, trying new things, and embracing the unconventional. One look at some of the iconic candies of the time shows an affinity for all sorts of unconventional flavors: sweets were getting spicy and sour too! Their intense and surprising flavors were a far cry from the traditional sweetness we were accustomed to before. Once people got a taste for sour candies, they couldn’t get enough of them.


The Sweets

Three names have become synonymous with the 90s sour candy craze: Toxic Waste, Sour Slime Lickers, and Warheads.

These weren't just candies; they were badges of honor for those brave enough to endure their face-contorting sourness. These science-themed sour sweets were responsible for countless playground bets and exciting candy store visits.



Hailing from the sour laboratories of Indiana, Toxic Waste made its mark with its neon-colored drums of super-sour hard candies. The iconic hazardous waste barrel packaging added an extra layer of sciencey suspense to the adventure. Plenty of 90s kids can recognize (and mentally taste) all five super-sour flavors: apple, black cherry, watermelon, lemon, and blue raspberry.






For kids who loved an interactive experience, Sour Slime Lickers were the answer. With a dual-action lollipop and sour gel combo, kids could lick the lollipop and then dip it into the tangy slime. It was a tactile adventure that kept the pucker factor high and the laughter flowing. After vanishing from the shelves for years, Slime Lickers are coming back soon!






Perhaps the ultimate sour challenge, Warheads   were the kings of intensity. These small, innocent-looking candies packed an explosive punch that could make even the most daring squirm. The different levels of sourness became a source of pride, as kids vied to see who could handle the most extreme Warhead without flinching. Every 90s kid has a fun story about that kid who tried to eat several Warheads at once.




The Nostalgia

As we journey back through time, let's raise our imaginary sour candies to the 90s – an era of audacious flavors, unforgettable faces, and friendships that tasted sweeter because of the shared sour moments. Life’s flavors are meant to be experienced in all their tangy, lip-puckering glory!

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