Candy and Wine Pairings: Elevate Your Wine-Tasting Experience with Sweet Delights

Candy and Wine Pairings: Elevate Your Wine-Tasting Experience with Sweet Delights

Sep 04, 2023

Raise a Glass to Your Favorite Chocolates

Candy and wine, what’s not to love? At Lolli & Pops, we believe in celebrating the sweet side of life; and what better way to embark on it than by pairing your favorites from our signature candy collection with your favorite wines? Good wine and rich chocolate go together like, well, wine and chocolate!

Dazzle your friends at your next brunch, cocktail party, or night out by matching wines to candy that accentuates the unique flavor notes of both. When done right, these wine pairings are a deliciously sweet experience that amplifies everything people love about both chocolate AND wine!

Join us as we uncork the pairings that will elevate your tasting experience to a whole new level!


Floral Chocolate with a Rosé: A Match Made in Elegance

Pamper your taste buds with the delicate dance of floral chocolates and the blush of a refreshing rosé. The enchanting notes of a rosé perfectly complement the intricate flavors of floral or fruity chocolates, and a good Strawberry Chocolate has both.

If you like to go a little rosé crazy like us, pairing rosé wine with rosé chocolate is a rosé dream come true.


Chocolate Truffles with a Light White Wine: Your New Favorite Dessert

You can really bring out the richness of your favorite dessert truffles using the bright, crisp notes of a Riesling or Moscato. All of our specialty truffles offer a rich, hand-crafted blend of chocolatey perfection and a good pairing wine will supplement that instead of overpowering it.

This is especially true for flavored truffles, such as coffee or fruity ones; the sweet complexities of these truffles find their perfect counterpart in the lightness of a white wine. It's a pairing that’s as harmonious as it is vibrant.


Caramels and Sweet Reds: The Allure of Moscato and Port

No matter what flavor, the smooth sweetness of your favorite caramels does wonders alongside the velvety kiss of Moscato or Port. The caramel's buttery undertones accentuate the full-bodied sweetness of these red wines, making for an easy, indulgent dessert.

More than the others on this list, caramels and a good sweet red are a match that exudes warmth and comfort–perfect for holiday parties and other cozy celebrations.


Champagne and Creamy Milk Chocolate Candies: Bubbles and Bliss

Raise your glass of Champagne to the creamy bliss of milk chocolate candies. The gentle fizz of quality Champagne mingles nicely with the silky, velvety texture of milk chocolate, creating a sensory experience that's downright enchanting.

It's a toast to sophistication and pure delight. It also MAKES for a delicious toast: offering small squares of high-quality milk chocolate with everyone’s champagne will make for a truly memorable event.


Bonus Points: Champagne and Chocolate-Covered Fruit Too!

If you're seeking an extraordinary treat, let Champagne and chocolate-covered fruit sweep you off your feet. The dry bubbly flavor of Champagne contrasts beautifully with the decadence and richness of chocolate-covered fruit, giving you a burst of flavors that's both playful and refined.


As you explore these enchanting candy and wine pairings, remember that flavor is a journey. Each combination invites you to savor the complexities of taste and the nuances of texture. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a candy enthusiast, these pairings offer a unique opportunity to awaken your senses and create memorable moments.

So, uncork your favorite bottle, unwrap our signature candies, and embark on a tasting adventure that will leave your taste buds singing. Cheers to the fusion of elegance, sweetness, and the joy of flavors coming together in perfect harmony!

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