Company of Firsts: The Lolli & Pops Story

Company of Firsts: The Lolli & Pops Story

May 14, 2023

Celebrating the Sweetest Careers Around

When Jason W. walked by the Lolli & Pops in The Mall in Columbia, it was love at first sight. The cheerful colors of the storefront spoke to him, and Jason knew that he had found his calling. Selling sweets and spreading smiles was a huge draw for him, and as someone who grew up on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he had a deep appreciation for the whimsy and magic of good candy.

Lolli & Pops was actually Jason’s first job, and he took an incredible shine to it. When he was first hired, he told his boss that he wanted to be a manager. In just a short amount of time, his sweet tooth and charming attitude made him a shift lead. His boss, Claudia H., saw something of herself in him: an energetic magic maker who was obsessed with the stories behind people’s favorite treats.

As he’s continued to work for Lolli & Pops, Jason has found plenty of opportunities to engage with his passion for all things sugary. He put together a presentation on beverages and sodas that showed new opportunities to the entire company. Beyond that, Jason also teamed up with Lolli & Pops’ HR department for input on our Candyology Training, which is a comprehensive review for employees of ALL the candy that Lolli & Pops carries.

When his boss was promoted, Jason stepped in to fill her shoes as manager of his Lolli & Pops store. Mission accomplished!

Every day, magic makers like Jason find new ways to engage their love of candy. These stories are the reason that Lolli & Pops prides itself on being a company of firsts.


 Candy is more than candy for the Lolli & Pops Family; it's a passion with new frontiers to explore every day.

For some employees, Lolli & Pops is their first job. For others, we’re proud to be someone’s first management role, first office job, or first career. We’re always on the lookout for sweet tooths and sweeter smiles from people that want to grow with us. That’s because we believe in hiring people, not just grading resumes.

That means that there will always be room for the right people in our stores and offices. We’re always on the lookout for passion, a love for the brighter things in life, and a good attitude. Joining the Lolli & Pops family means learning the stories behind plenty of iconic candy and figuring out YOUR way to bring that cheer to guests.

We want everyone who is interested in working at Lolli & Pops to know that this opportunity can be whatever they want it to be: whether being surrounded by treats and smiles is an end goal itself or if it’s a catalyst for later adventures.

Are you ready to take your next step? Visit our careers page to check out our job openings!

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