Candy Is More Than Candy: The Lolli & Pops Story

Candy Is More Than Candy: The Lolli & Pops Story

Dec 19, 2022

Candy is a lifelong adventure

 Candy is more than candy.

It’s a way to say “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you.” To some people, it’s a comfortable memory from the past, a way to relive fond moments and celebrate family traditions. To others, it’s a way to turn the everyday into the memorable, an opportunity to explore new flavors and share new experiences.


 Every Christmas in Florida, my mom would fill our stockings with candy sent from our family in the West, like Idaho Spuds or Bug Hunk. We had never seen that kind of candy before & just knew it came straight from The North Pole! It was a huge part that made the holidays magical growing up. 
— Erin S. | Lolli & Pops Operations Manager

At Lolli & Pops, we believe that sweets and treats are so much more than candy; candy has a language full of warmth, laughter, and affection. It’s a fixture at birthday parties, family gatherings, and evenings at home. Candy is how we celebrate the good times and show support in the trying times; it’s a snack bowl during a family movie night or a familiar chocolate bar waiting at the end of a long day.

From the holidays to the everyday, we enjoy creating magical moments and celebrating those we love and appreciate near our hearts. Our philosophy is to Spread Joy with Bits of Optimism, a way to change someone’s day and life for the better, even when words can be hard to express.




 Our Grandmother would carry around a small tin of candy on our family visits. She'd quietly place it on the counter or the car seat whenever my sister and I got a little too rambunctious. She never said a word and didn't have to; we knew if we were good, we'd be able to enjoy it together. Our noisy times turned into pure happiness and joy. 

— Keri M. | Lolli & Pops CEO

 The world of candy opens endless opportunities to enjoy a delicious life, one full of creativity and diversity. From making a gingerbread house with the family, sharing a candy charcuterie board with friends, or simply sending a Get-Well hot cocoa kit, we create our own memorable stories to share for a lifetime.

Lolli & Pops is more than a candy shop, we express our excitement through hand-crafted chocolates, world famous gummy bears, gourmet gifts for every special occasion, and select international treats. Our candies and chocolates are made with the finest ingredients and connect across global cultures and people from around the world.

As a kid, we took candy back to our family in the Middle East as a way to share something new and delicious. One day while working at Lolli & Pops, I especially remember a grandmother looking to buy candy for her grandkids in Saudi Arabia. I was so excited to help her find exactly 1 pound of favorite sweets for each child, and it was an awesome way to reconnect to my own family memories.

— Omar Y. | Supply Chain Specialist

 So the next time you’re enjoying a favorite chocolate bite or a chewy, fruity gummy bear, think about all the unique ways candy has been a comfort in your life. We bet the memories will surprise and delight you!

Do you have a story about when candy was more than candy? We'd love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below about a time where candy made a special impact in your life.



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