Lolli Jars

Introducing Our Newest Way to Fill, Enjoy, & Save on Your Favorite Bulk!

Available In-Store Only

Step 1: Pick Your Lolli Jar

Choose from small, medium, and large fillable sizes and add your favorite bulk candies, from our delicious 12-flavor gummy bears to decadent chocolate bites. Mix & match to your sweet tooth's content!

Small, medium and large lolli jar fillables.

Step 2: Make It Personal

Decorate your Lolli Jar with stickers and custom magnets perfect for every occasion and everyday snacking. Personalize each Lolli Jar with messages for Birthdays, Just Thinking About You’s, Anniversaries, and more ways to share bits of optimism. Get creative and share your specially-made Lolli Jar with the world!

Medium filled lolli jar and golden scoop

Step 3: Refill & Save

Once you pick up a brand-new Lolli Jar, you’ll find it’s a sweet ticket to a world of tasty adventures. And with every Lolli Jar refill, receive 20% off your favorite bulk candies and chocolates! Keep your favorite candies handy for your snacking, try new exciting new flavors, and share the candy fun. Our brand new Lolli Jars are for sharing smiles and spreading happiness one Lolli Jar at a time.

Large lolli jar fillables with stickers and magnets