Back to School Candy Guide

Back to School Candy Guide

Aug 27, 2023

Smart Sweets for Bright Minds

School bells are ringing and it's time to embrace the new academic year with eager optimism and a touch of sweetness. Whether packing your lunch, conquering study hall, or celebrating the end of a productive day, our "Back to School Candy Guide" has you covered. From mouth-watering lunchtime treats to trendy TikTok-inspired candies, get ready to turn your school days into delicious adventures!


Lunchtime Sweets: Elevate Your Midday Break

Say goodbye to ordinary lunch breaks and hello to extraordinary flavors. Crispy Cakes are the ultimate lunchtime indulgence. These easy-to-prepare desserts blend the gooey goodness of crispy rice with luxurious coatings, making them a perfect balance of texture and taste. Choose from an array of flavors like classic chocolate, chewy caramel, and even colorful sprinkles to add a playful twist to your lunchtime treats. 

Even better, a single Crispy Cake can easily be cut and portioned into several snacks for additional prepackaged lunches! Whether you're enjoying them in the cafeteria or outdoors, Crispy Cakes will undoubtedly make your lunch break a highlight of the day.


Study Hall Snacks: Bite-Sized Brilliance

Studying demands focus, and what better way to fuel your brainpower than with convenient, bite-sized treats? Our bulk candy collection offers an assortment of miniature candies designed for easy snacking and sharing–especially if you use a refillable Lolli Jar to stay stocked up on all your favorites.

From tiny fruit-flavored gems to delicate chocolate-covered almonds, these treats provide the perfect pick-me-up during intense study sessions. Share them with your classmates or savor them solo—these mini marvels are here to enhance your concentration and sweeten your study sessions.


After School Specials: As Seen on TikTok!

After a day of learning, it's time to unwind and treat yourself to the trendiest candies that have taken TikTok by storm. Dive into the world of DinDon fruit gummies, bursting with vibrant flavors that'll transport your taste buds on a fruity journey, and give everyone a laugh in the process. Make sure to record your friends' reactions as they bite into these juicy jelly treats.

And who could resist the temptation of Write-and-Eat paper candies? Unleash your creativity by doodling on these edible sheets before indulging in their deliciousness. Share your candy art with friends, or savor them as a unique after-school snack. Or, open up a Social Eat-Ia 2.0 Gift Box to share some whimsy with the entire group!


Bonus Points: Sour Challenges and Whimsical Wonders

For those who crave an extra jolt of excitement, we've got the perfect solution—extremely sour candies that'll awaken your taste buds and delight your friends! Looking to ‘sour’ up the bus ride home? Embark on a sour journey with candies that pack a tangy punch, leaving you with a delightful mix of flavors and sensations. Toxic Waste Smog Balls are the perfect shareable sour surprise.

If you're feeling daring, gather your friends for a round of BeanBoozled! Brace yourselves for a game of taste roulette as you try these jelly beans with flavors that range from delicious to odd. It's a fun way to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories.


A Sweet School Year Awaits

As you gear up for another exciting school year, don't forget to treat yourself to a dash of sweetness along the way.

Whether you're munching on Crispy Cakes during lunch, enjoying mini snacks during study hall, indulging in TikTok-inspired treats, or daring your friends with sour challenges, these candies are sure to add a spark of joy to your academic journey.

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