Shake Up Some DIY Candy Cocktails!

Shake Up Some DIY Candy Cocktails!

Jul 21, 2023

Mixing Science, Sips, and Sweets

Elevate your cocktail game and show off your mixology skills at your next party with the right candy. You heard us right: candy.

From lollipops to cotton candy, spicy surprises, and nostalgic treats, these confections offer a world of possibilities for crafting unique and whimsical cocktails. In this cocktail guide, we'll explore creative recipes that incorporate Lolli & Pop’s premium candies to give your drinks a sweet, sassy, and utterly unforgettable touch.

Lollipops: Stir Sticks, Sweeteners, and Syrups



Turn your favorite lollipops from Lolli & Pops’ vibrant collection into flavorful syrups and infusions that add a burst of sweetness to your cocktails. Crush them and dissolve them in simple syrup or vodka to create a lollipop-infused base for all your drinks!

Lollipops with fruity flavors like strawberry, watermelon, or lemon pair well in traditional cocktails; while flavors like cola can mix well with smokier spirits. Experiment with combinations and you’ll be pouring the perfect Lollipop-Island Iced Tea in no time.




Sprinkle On a Puff of Cotton Candy Magic


Transform your cocktails into whimsical wonders by incorporating the ethereal sweetness of cotton candy. Place a puff of cotton candy on a cocktail glass and watch as it dissolves, infusing the drink with its sugary essence. Cotton candy can also be used to line drink rims to bring a chaser of sweetness to any shot.

A pinch or puff of cotton candy can make for some incredible colors in a cocktail with multiple ingredients. Simply swirl in a tiny pinch between adding each ingredient to add some magical swirls into any drink. The next time that you mix a sangria, try shaking in (or garnishing with) some rainbow sherbert or berry processco cotton candy to capture that perfect summer sweetness.


Spicy Surprises


For those who enjoy a kick in their cocktails, spicy candies from Lolli & Pops can add a fiery twist. Replace the hot sauce of a Bloody Mary or a Tequila Sunrise with crushed spicy candies like cinnamon or chili-infused treats and rim your glasses with the resulting powder to add a zesty kick. Spicy fruit candies, like watermelon chamoy rings and peach chamoy rings add some spicy sweetness too! 

If you want to bring some real south-of-the-border heat to your drinks, then tamarind candies bring plenty of oomph while balancing out the drink with detachable tartness.




Novelty & Retro Remixes



Channel your inner 80s mixologist by creating cocktails with classic, novelty, and retro candies. Incorporating old favorites like Pop Rocks, Nerds, or Pixy Stix into your drinks adds some flexible sweetness AND a hint of nostalgia. Consider Pop Rocks as a way of making your mimosa fizz or using extremely sour candies to make that super 90s Vodka Sour.

With Lolli & Pops’ signature candies as your creative catalyst, the cocktail possibilities are endless. Whether you're infusing lollipops into elixirs, adding a touch of cotton candy magic, embracing the sizzle of spicy candies, or playing with novelty and retro treats, these candy creations will delight your taste buds and bring a whimsical twist to your mixology adventures.




So grab your shakers, muddlers, and treats, and embark on a cocktail journey that combines sweetness, sassiness, and a whole lot of fun. Cheers to unforgettable and candy-infused libations!


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