Mother's Day is Right Around the Corner!

Mother's Day is Right Around the Corner!

May 10, 2024

The Perfect Gift for Mom

This Mother's Day, delight your mom with a delicious assortment of gourmet treats that will indulge her taste buds and warm her heart. From decadent chocolates to nostalgic candies, Lolli & Pops offers a delightful selection that's perfect for showing your appreciation to the most special women in your life. 

 Lolli & Pops Fruity Favorites 16-pc truffles are an exquisite choice for Mother's Day gifting. Bursting with vibrant fruit flavors and crafted with utmost care, each truffle is a delightful indulgence.

Lolli & Pops gummies make for a delightful Mother's Day gift, offering a playful twist on traditional treats. Bursting with fruity flavors and crafted with premium ingredients, each gummy is a delicious sensation. From classic favorites to delicious boozy blends, there's a variety to suit every taste preference. Give her a sweet surprise that's as vibrant and delightful as she is, making her day even more special.


Lolli & Pops gourmet Signature Chocolate Bars offer a luxurious treat that's sure to delight Mom on Mother's Day. Each bar is a masterpiece of flavor, crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. From rich, velvety dark chocolate to light and bubbly strawberry champagne, there's a flavorful bar to satisfy every craving. Packaged in elegant wrapping, these bars convey sophistication and thoughtfulness, making them a perfect indulgence to show Mom just how much she's loved and appreciated. Treat her to a moment of pure indulgence with these decadent delights.

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