Enter the Mom & Me “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret.” Sweepstakes!

Enter the Mom & Me “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret.” Sweepstakes!

Apr 04, 2023

Win A Candy Shopping Spree and Two Movie Tickets For Mom!

For many of us, our mothers are our first teachers and our loudest cheerleaders. Our Moms are our caregivers, guidance counselors, tutors, and often, our best friends. Motherhood is a warmth that goes beyond just family: cheers to all the Mom-friends, cool aunts, and motherly neighbors in our lives too.

You don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day to appreciate the amazing Moms in your life. Every day can be Mother’s Day when you celebrate all the love, comfort, and sacrifices of motherhood. Whether it’s sharing a card, a phone call, a memory, or a surprise gift, there’s never a bad time to think about your Mom.

We’d like to hear about your favorite stories, cozy days, or family traditions with Mom. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Mom & Me memory is for a chance to win a candy shopping spree and two movie tickets with Mom to see ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.’ In theaters April 28th!

Comment below for a chance to win movie tickets and a candy shopping spree for Mom. One (1) lucky winner will be chosen at random from our comments section to win a candy shopping spree AND two (2) movie tickets–one for you and one for Mom. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE RULES.


This Sweepstakes is Now CLOSED. Thanks to Everyone Who Entered! A Winner Will be Announced Shortly.

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Comments (32)

  • My mom and I love to go to musicals together, especially in December. She used to be a season ticket holder at Seattle’s 5th Avenue theater before she and my dad became snowbirds. I’m still a season ticket holder and at least once a season, if there’s a show she wants to see, one of use will get her a ticket as close to my seat as possible so we can see it together.

    Sarah Dallosto
  • Although my mom and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, what she has done for me and my siblings cannot be truly expressed in a comment. She’s been essentially two parents in one. Growing up, I had to save money to buy the things that I wanted, big or small. Almost every time we went to the grocery store, I anticipated the candy that would await my selection near the cash register. I’d scan for some of my favorites like Kit Kat, Sour Gummi Worms (was obsessed with the blue/pink ones because the color alone reminded me of cotton candy) and Peach Rings. Choosing only one, I’d place it on the conveyor belt alongside the groceries and right on time my mom would say to me, “Did you bring your money?” LOL. It’s a bittersweet memory, but the question is a running joke in our family now! It would be funny if I took her to Lolli & Pops and (in spirit of April Fooling her) tell her to fill as many bags as she wants to the top because it’s priced per bag, only to see her being informed later at the register the total by weight and I, standing right next to her highly amused, say “Did you bring your money?” XD I love you Mom!

  • My momma has always been my rock, she’s been by my side through it all and has always supported me in everything I have done or put my mind to. She’s become my best friend and the best Gigi to my daughter, I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s my voice of reason, sounding board and the best mom I could have ever asked for. My daughter adores her and they have the best relationship. Nothing has been better seeing my mom become Gigi and the love she has for my little girl.

    Carolina Melidones
  • My mom is my hero <3 She was the only girl out of 5 brothers and me being the only girl out of two brothers, she has always taught me how to be strong and independent as a girl growing up. She worked really hard growing up and still found the time to be the best parent to all of us. She made Easter baskets every year out to Lolli & Pops candy which was our favorite candy time (besides halloween). She loves to help everyone and even became a foster parent once we all grew up to give kids the chance of a nice home and loving parent. She’s the best and she deserves more than I could offer!

  • I always loved the holidays with baking in the kitchen with my mother. The tradition of getting Thanksgiving dinner ready with the parade on the TV. I try to create those memories for my children.

  • My mom is the best, I have a single mom my mom has help me so much…

  • My mom always let me stay home from school when my allergies were bad or I wasn’t feeling well in the morning. I enjoyed our time alone in the car when she would take me into school late. Being the oldest of five, I didn’t get a lot of alone time with her.

  • I haven’t seen daughter in a year due to traveling and she will be coming over to see me and I would love to take her to this.

    Cindy maez
  • How sweet and sour our lives are !!! I’d do this with my daughter and ask questions about how each candy describes our lives!! She has a special needs brother and has been such a great sister

    Shara Canteros
  • My mom is my hero, my rock, and my best friend. She is a single mother who made the decision to travel all the way to China to adopt me, and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she made to bring me home. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was loved, and as I grew up, our bond only grew stronger. We’ve been through so much together, and no matter what challenges we faced, my mom was always there to support me and lift me up. One of my favorite things to do with my mom is to cook. We’ve always loved experimenting with new recipes, trying out new ingredients, and creating our own delicious dishes. It’s been a way my mom helps keep me close to my heritage. There’s something magical about the way we work together in the kitchen. As we chop, stir, and taste, we talk about our days, share stories, and laugh together. It’s our special time, and I treasure every moment we spend cooking together. I feel so blessed to have my mom in my life. She is a shining example of courage, strength, and love.

    Olivia Kelly

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