Get Ready for the Big Game!

Get Ready for the Big Game!

Feb 03, 2024
The Big Game Treats

Get ready to elevate your game day celebration to championship levels with Lolli & Pops! It’s time to think beyond the usual snacks and dips and a little sweetness to the mix. Afterall, Swiftie and her fans will be watching so Champagne is called for!

pretzel and chips caramel corn

🏈 Touchdown Treats:

Whether you’re team red or gold, we’ve handpicked a selection of gourmet candies that promise to make every touchdown even sweeter. From cherry bliss gummies to glittering gold rock candy in your team colors, we've got your game day covered.

Beer and Chocolate Pairings

🍺 Beer & Candy Pairings:

Round out your game day experience by pairing your beer and candy. Discover how the rich notes of craft beers complement our gourmet chocolates and candies, adding a sophisticated twist to your game day grub.

Boozy Bears

🍾 Celebrate with a Swiftie Toast:

Let's make this game as memorable as a Taylor Swift bridge. With our Champagne Gummies, your party will be the one fans remember long after the final play.

Rock Candy

🛍️ Order Now to Get in Time for Kickoff:

The game clock is ticking, and our sweets are flying off the shelves faster than a quarterback sneak. Place your order now to ensure your treats arrive well before the opening kickoff. Visit us online at or stop by your nearest Lolli & Pops store.

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