Candy Cocktail Hour

Candy Cocktail Hour

May 27, 2024

Happy Hour is Every Hour!

Happy hour is every hour with cocktail-inspired sweets! Pick & mix your favorite boozy bears or shake up some fun with tropical and fruity cotton candy. Explore a world where every bite is a toast to fun!

Did Someone Say Mojito?

Make it a bash with bulk boozy bears! Pick & mix your favorite cocktail-inspired flavors like Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and more. Plus, buy 3 & save $5!

Twirl into Paradise!

Whether you're lounging poolside or dreaming of warmer days, our cocktail-inspired cotton candy is the perfect treat to whisk you away. Twirl into the tropical paradise of a piña colada or enjoy the fruity sweetness of classic pineapple. Embark on an adventure where every bite is a celebration of joy!


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