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Retro Never Outdated Candy Gift Box
Retro Never Outdated Candy Gift Box
Retro Never Outdated Candy Gift Box
Retro Never Outdated Candy Gift Box

Retro Never Outdated Candy Gift Box

What was your favorite childhood candy? We each know we have one or maybe a few! Let’s take a trip down memory lane with our Retro Never Outdated Candy Box. Each candy is carefully selected to bring you or someone you love, retro,  or old-fashioned candy. 


Our favorite confectionary candy treats included are Pop Rocks Blue Raspberry .37oz, Pop Rocks Bubblegum .37 oz, Bubble Gum Cigarettes 9/10oz, Smartie Mega Roll 2.25oz, Gold Diggers Bubble Gum 2oz, Hershey Nostalgic Bar Milk Chocolate Almond Bar 3.5oz, Whatchamacallit Bar 2.6oz, Yoo-hoo Milk Chocolate Bar 4.5oz, Goo Goo Cluster 1.75oz, and Mallo Cups 1.60oz.

Pop Rocks Blue Raspberry: Sugar, Lactose (Milk Sugar),Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (Red #40), Processed With Carbon Dioxide.

Pop Rocks Bubblegum: Sugar, lactose (milk sugar), gum base (soy), maltodextrin, citric acid, glycerine, corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial colors (red 40), BHT (antioxidant), processed with carbon dioxide.

Bubble Gum Cigarettes: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors (FD&C red #3, blue #2, yellow #5), BHT as preservatives.

Smartie Mega Roll: Dextrose, Citric Acid, Calcium Stearate, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Colors (Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 2 Lake).

Gold Diggers Bubble Gum: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Artificial Flavors, Titanium Dioxide, Artificial Colors, Including: FD&C Yellow 5, BHT (to Maintain Freshness), Resinous Glaze.

Hershey Nostalgic Bar Milk Chocolate Almond Bar: Milk Chocolate [(Cane Sugar, Milk, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Fat, Lecithin (Soy), Natural Flavor], Almonds (Roasted in Sunflower Oil).

Watchamacallit Bar: Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, crisp rise, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel and soybean oil), vegetable oil, (cocoa butter, palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), partially defatted peanuts, nonfat milk, chocolate, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, corn syrup solids, whey (milk), contains 2% or less of: dairy butter (milk), milk fat, salt, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, molasses, barley malt, vanillin, artificial flavor, disodium phosphate.

Yoo-hoo Milk Chocolate Bar: Sugar, Hydrogentated Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel and/or Palm), Whey, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Lactose, Skim Milk, Soy Lecithin (Emulsifier) and Vanillin (Artificial Flavor).

Goo Goo Cluster: Sugar, Peanuts, Corn Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Chocolate Liquor, Whole Milk Powder, Non Fat Dry Milk, Whey Powder, Soy Lecithin, Cocoa Powder, Butter, Coconut, Enzyme Modified Soy Protein, Natural Flavors, Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, Wheat Starch, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts.

Mallo Cups: Milk Chocolate(Sugar,Cocoa Butter,Milk Chocolate,Soya Lecithin-an emulsifier,Salt,Vanillin-an artificial flavoring),Corn Syrup,Sugar,Cocoanut,Dextrin,Egg Whites,Salt,Vegetable Stabilizer,Natural and Artificial Flavors,Potassium Sorbate(to preserve freshness)And Lecithin(an emulsifier


Contains: Milk, Soy, and Peanuts or Tree Nuts Ingredients 



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