Dinosaur Delights Gift Box


Go back in time to explore the Jurassic period with this dino-mite assortment. From T-Rex cotton candy to dinosaur egg marshmallow pops & fruity lollipops, this fruity & indulgent Dinosaur Delights gift box will have you chomping away.
CONTAINS: 1 x Lolli & Pops T-Rex Tails Cotton Candy (2 oz) 1 x Lolli & Pops Dancing Dinosaurs Gummy Tube (13 oz) 1 x Lolli & Pops Jurassic Gems Rock Candy Pack (4.6 oz) 1 x Lolli & Pops Dinosaur Lollipop* (1 oz) 2 x Lolli & Pops Dinosaur Egg Marshmallow Pop (1 oz/each)
*One (1) flavor will be chosen at random upon purchase. Available in two flavors: strawberry and banana, or apple and raspberry.
*If an item from this gift box is out of stock, we will replace that item with another item of equal or greater value.

T-Rex Tails Cotton Candy, Dancing Dinosaurs Gummy Tube, Jurassic Gems Rock Candy Pack, Dinosaur Lollipop, Dinosaur Egg Marshmallow Pop

Contains: Gelatin, Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Tree Nuts