Throw a Stellar Space Station Party!

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Countdown to Blast Off!

3….2….1…Blast off to outer space and create a party for astronauts, aliens, and stargazers!

Picture a space adorned with twinkling stars, where the beauty of the night sky is captured in glittering detail. From celestial-themed decor to delectable treats for the astronaut-at-heart, this guide will take you on a journey through decor ideas and activities for hosting an unforgettable galaxy-themed party. Get ready to ignite your imagination, indulge your taste buds, and host a soirée that will leave your guests looking to the cosmos.



With some crafty decor, you could have space aliens of your own coming to visit your party!


Decorating your Galaxy Party is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and celebrate your favorite outer space images, facts, or aesthetics. You can easily transform any space into a sci-fi soirée with heavy black drapes – bonus points if you decorate them with cosmic glitter to mimic shimmering stars. Intertwine LED string lights throughout the room to create a mesmerizing twinkling effect that mimics the night sky. For an ethereal touch, beam the constellations onto the ceiling with a light projector, immersing your guests in the beauty of the cosmos.



Channeling the cosmos can go beyond just decor, too. In fact, you can let your guests explore an edible solar system by getting a little tactical with a Candy Charcuterie Space Table. Whether you’re putting together your own candy bowls or starting with a handy, premade candy charcuterie set, separate the candies into different-colored circular “planets” across a long, black table. Guests can snack by ‘exploring the galaxy’, building plates of their favorite candies as they move from planet to planet.

Galaxy Malt Balls or Outer Space Candy make for perfect accoutrement!

To skyrocket the space adventure, remember that cotton candy with edible glitter is perfect for recreating that magical cosmic sparkle effect that you see in space photography. Simply grab a container of your favorite cotton candy, like Galactic Berry or Unicorn Sparkle cotton candy, and leave some light tufts of it around your serving table for an extra serving of twinkling, starry wonder.



Once you take your guests to space, there are plenty of exciting activities to do there! Immerse your guests in a cosmic wonderland of activities that will give your guests one memorable galactic adventure.

A great place to start the adventure is at the Rocket Fuel Cocktail Bar. Transform your space into a cosmic launchpad as you prepare for an unforgettable space adventure. Set up this activity with a display of alien-inspired candies and garnishes like extraterrestrial gummy worms or space creature lollipops are stir sticks. Offer a variety of candy-infused spirits, such as cotton candy vodka or fruity liqueurs, and guide your guests as they mix and match their own celestial cocktails using sweet mixers like crumbled astronaut ice cream, gummy space rings, or Warhead Galactic Cubes. The Galactic Berry cotton candy from earlier also makes both a delightful stardust liner to cocktails, or a glittery add-in that offers a hint of sweetness. Each sip will be an explosion of otherworldly flavors, propelling your guests into the stratosphere of excitement for the upcoming space-themed extravaganza.


Alien Sour Candies bring an extraterrestrial kick to fruity cocktails.

Once your guests have their drinks, it’s on to space to find some Candy Constellations. This party craft only requires a few basic ingredients and offers guests plenty of opportunities to show off their creative side! Gather your aspiring astronomers around a table adorned with black cardboard and a celestial selection of candies, including edible dextrose stardust candy, shimmering rock candy, and some more colorful gummy rings. For bonus points, use a little bit of edible glitter to create a starry sky in the background! Quick Tip: Use edible glue to build a quick-drying edible treat.

Guide your guests in creating their own Solar System Kabobs by choosing candies of different sizes to represent each planet. You’ve got plenty of flexibility in which candies you use, and your fantastical solar system definitely doesn’t need to look like the Milky Way! Get creative by adding additional details, like edible glitter to represent stars, sour candy belts to mimic the planetary orbits, or chocolate space rocks to form an asteroid belt! Once assembled, these cosmic treats will offer a visually stunning representation of our solar system, making for a memorable and delicious finale to your Galaxy Party.

Hosting a space-themed party is an astronomical delight for kids of all ages. Embrace the magic of the universe, from the twinkling decorations to the heavenly treats, and create an ambiance that will launch your guests to an out of this world celebration.


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