10 Sweet Treats for Dad this Father's Day

10 Sweet Treats for Dad this Father's Day

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, forget the golf balls, grill accessories, and ties - dad has plenty of those. He deserves something sweet and unique, just like him, and just like a gift box from Lolli & Pops! Our gifts are carefully curated to include only the finest sweets & treats, many of which you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

We put together a list of 10 of our gift boxes and top picks for dad this Father’s Day.

And if you can’t give dad his gift in person, never fear! We’ll ship it straight to him, gift wrapped in our trademark box with a personalized note printed on letterpress stationery. We even make it easy for last-minute shoppers: 2-day shipping is just $10 on all orders! (Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17 so be sure to place your order by Wednesday, June 14.)

Sound good? We thought so.

Now let’s find the perfect gift for dad!

1. For the dad who’s a kid at heart

Our Jump for Joy gift box is perfect for the dad who is forever young. He’ll get classic treats like Pop Rocks, a gourmet paddle pop, and gummy bears, along with newer favorites like Icee spray, toxic waste sours, and Rip Rolls. With this collection, he’s sure to feel like a kid again!

2. For the dad who enjoys exotic treats

This gift box is chock full of Asian treats you’d have trouble finding anywhere else! Perfect for the dad who has spent time in Asia, is a fan of anime, or just likes to try new things, he’ll love our Classic Asian Treats gift box. Some of our best sellers, including green tea Kit Kats, chocolate Pocky, Kracie Popin Cookin Sushi, and Hi-Chews make this a uniquely delicious Father’s Day gift!

3. For the dad who once went backpacking in Europe


Does your pop like to regale you (or anyone who’ll listen) with stories of his time exploring Europe? If so, he’ll love our Classic European Treats gift box! Milka bars, Kinder Joy eggs, Aero Bubbles, and more will take him back to those little towns he stayed in...just be ready for more stories about his travels.

4. For the dad who likes to try new flavors

If dad is a culinary daredevil, the Adventure Edition of our signature chocolate bars is just the ticket! He’ll get five unique flavors, sure to please even the most thrill-seeking palate: peanut jalapeno, coconut sea salt, milk chocolate Sriracha, dark chocolate espresso, and milk chocolate toffee sea salt. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find a new favorite!

4. For the adventurous dad

Does your pops like to travel? Is his passport running out of room for new stamps? If so, he’ll love our Round the World truffles! This collection of dark and milk chocolate truffles includes flavors like Tahitian vanilla, Vietnamese pink peppercorn, French vanilla, Australian candied ginger, Saigon cinnamon, and Chinese star anise. This collection will have dad planning his next trip in no time!

6. For the vegan dad

Finding tasty vegan treats doesn’t have to be hard! Our Vegan Sweets gift box is packed full of goodies like vegan sea salt caramels, smoothie gummies, cashew butter chocolate bars, pomegranate licorice, and cookie dough bites. They’re just as delicious as our non-vegan sweets, minus dairy, eggs, and gelatin.

7. For the dad who’s a big softie

Tell your dad he’s the beary best with our gourmet gummy bears! Pick from our pre-selected flavors in packs of three or mix and match to create your own mix. Whether he likes sour gummies, unique flavors like champagne and mango, or classics like cherry and blue raspberry, we’re sure these will be the best bears he’s ever had.

8. For the dad who enjoys breakfast in bed

It’s not just for Mother’s Day anymore! Give dad breakfast in bed (minus any cooking) with our truffles inspired by the most important meal of the day. These unique treats feature flavors like French toast, blueberry scone, mimosa, waffles, coffee, tea & crumpets, banana muffin, bacon, and berry smoothie. All it’s missing is a pot of coffee!

9. For the dad who likes to snack

Our Snack Attack Topp’d Bars are perfect for the pops who likes to nibble. They’re the perfect mix of salty and sweet, so he never has to choose! Flavors like peanut butter & pretzel, almond sea salt, and potato chip are perfect for sharing with his favorite child (or partner, of course) or keeping all to himself.

10. For the dad with refined tastes

If dad likes the finer things in life, he’ll love our Fancy That gift box. This special collection features treats like champagne truffles, chocolate-covered caramels, cappuccino cereal clusters, 5 of our signature chocolate bars, and so much more. This gorgeous box is guaranteed to impress!

These are our top picks for Father’s Day but you can browse more gift boxes online and shop in-person when you find a store near you. Don’t forget Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17! Place your order by Wednesday, June 13 to get $10 2-day shipping. Overnight shipping is available until noon PST on Thursday, June 14.

So, which gift is perfect for your pops?